Romney believes voting is best done by white folks

Tea Party (KKK) is making a last ditch effort to scare African Americans, Hispanics, senior citizens, and young people from the polls on Election Day. Ohio is sending out a vote by mail ballot to every voter in the state and allowed 230 hours of early voting in the five weeks prior to the General Election.

It appears that some states will look for ways to get around the indelible racist taint the Tea Party (KKK) Republicans are attempting to blemish their national and international identity with Republican efforts to put voting out of the reach of nonwhites, young people, and senior citizens.  After the General Election will racist tainted states find themselves losing tourist business and discouraging businesses from desiring to locate operations in these states?

The Tea Party (KKK) Republicans have the scent of national political power fever, so they must see African Americans, Hispanics, senior citizens, and young people as mere collateral damage in their political war to take control of The White House. Mitt Romney is enchanted with the Tea Party (KKK) racist conviction of abhorring nonwhites and very young voters and senior citizens; therefore, he labeled them with the new name of 47%.  

Mitt Romney and the Tea Party (KKK) are attempting to rewrite the political adage that all votes are equal to only votes cast are equal and any nonwhite, senior citizen, and youth vote not cast is a vote for Romney.   Thus, Romney must believe that voting is something best exercised solely by Tea Party (KKK) Republican white folks whilst at best paying lip-service to the virtues of voting in democracies in the media. 

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